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Camino Rebel

Walk your way

The book stems from the kaleidoscope of colored pencils and hues as I hiked from Porto to Finisterre, guided by the whispering of my soul. This project is about more than making money or getting instant fame. Its purpose is simply to prove that when a vision blossoms, a path always and inevitably opens up.

With my heart as a compass and my intuition as a map, I embarked on this odyssey not only to reach my destination Finisterre, but also to unearth a long-forgotten part of myself buried deep in the sands of time.

133 pages of Camino insights

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People behind: 3 = 1

SoCreative Media – Advertising Agency

A portion of digital marketing, branding, social media and webdesign – the BRAIN

More information: soCreative Media

SueSee – Artist

A portion of creativity, feeling for colors and abstract experience – the SOUL

More details: Suesee Art

Yogi Sue – Yoga teacher

A portion of physical endurance, daily body workout and flexibilty – the BODY

The secret behind the book

Camino Rebel

I have no desire to be an ordinary pilgrim who follows the rules. Instead, I am looking for my own path to stay true to my rebellious soul. This diary is my manifesto, my road trip to self-discovery and realization. As a pilgrim, I wander through the vast expanse of life, in search of truth and the fulfillment of my inner being.

But who am I really in this role?
I am like a hungry lioness, always on the hunt for new challenges and constantly testing her limits. Restless like a Border Collie, I feel the tingling in my stomach that drives me in search of the Holy Grail, enlightenment, and the feeling of “having arrived.”

But how do I find this path?
Perhaps it is the path that is the complete opposite of what we usually do. The path that challenges us and forces us to find what we have long lost. The path that compels us to focus on the essentials of life.


¿De dónde venimos?
¿Quiénes somos?
¿Adónde vamos?

How to start?

To begin your preparations, start by gathering information from various sources and trust your intuition as you plan. Remember, this is your Camino, so take the time to adequately prepare yourself.

Where to go?

Before booking your flight, it’s important to be aware of the options available to you. You have the privilege of choosing to walk by the sea or through landscapes. Take your time to consider what makes your Way the most meaningful.

Where to sleep?

Despite the high season crowds, there will still be a variety of  options to choose from, including albergues, hostels, and hotels. It’s important to note that the genuine Camino spirit is often most present in albergues.

What to backpack?

Your backpack, shoes, and socks are arguably the most important items for your journey, as they become your trusted allies and will significantly impact your comfort and overall experience.

What do you expect?

During the Camino, it’s common for to have personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. Avoid placing too much pressure on yourself. It is a personal journey that unfolds step by step, at your own pace.

With whom to talk to?

You will encounter people naturally, so there’s no need to actively seek them out. Listen carefully to the messages they have to share, as they can be incredibly valuable.

What can happen?

It’s your Camino, so there are no rules or expectations. Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Remember, it’s not about how you finish, but rather the journey itself that matters.

Will you change?

Embarking on this journey will undoubtedly lead to a transformative experience. Once you’ve completed the Camino, it can be difficult to resist the call to do it again and again.

Camino Rebel Logo

“I found something I missed for a long time.”

Camino Rebel Sue

“Even if it is one step at a time, the way appears"

Camino Rebel Sue

“Sometimes we wait until we are ready, as we would have a second life in our suitcase. Do not wait, just go for it as you would be on fire."

Camino Rebel Sue

"The Camino has given me everything I needed and not what I expected. Mission completed."

Camino Rebel Sue

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